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Supermicro Solutions for OpenStack

OpenStack is the proven Open Cloud Platform being adopted by Service Providers and Enterprise Private Clouds enabling large scale production-ready clouds that accelerate innovation and drive down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for cloud solutions. Supermicro has partnered with the leading OpenStack software firms to jointly-engineer total solutions for OpenStack. These solutions are built on best-in-class Supermicro Server and Storage systems that deliver broad platform choice, fast to market innovation and optimized for value, performance and efficiency.

1.              Open, modular OpenStack solutions for cloud computing

2.              Accelerate and simplify deployment and reduce risk with jointly engineered and tested OpenStack reference architectures and converged system appliances

3.              Select from the broadest portfolio of server and storage systems to develop the optimal cloud architecture

4.              Leverage tested and proven reference architectures with your choice of OpenStack software and accelerate Cloud deployment with turn-key Cloud Converged Cloud Appliances with complete software, hardware and service

Supermicro   ®    Total Solution for SUSE OpenStack Cloud  

Your business needs the flexibility to respond quickly and easily to new demands. SUSE OpenStack Cloud, the first enterprise-ready OpenStack distribution gives you just that. SUSE OpenStack Cloud on Supermicro hardware provides the ideal platform for increased innovation, while helping you control and reduce costs.

SUSE OpenStack Cloud delivers enterprise-ready technology for building Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private clouds, giving you access to automated pools of IT resources to efficiently develop and run applications and workloads in your data center. SUSE OpenStack Cloud closely integrates with SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, for highly scalable and resilient software-defined storage capabilities.

Supermicro SUSE OpenStack Cloud Certified Platforms

Combine OpenStack agility with Enterprise reliability on the most trusted hardware for building your next cloud.

SUPERSOLUTIONS can help you designing and implementing your network as well as assisting you with your Open Stack. Please call us if you need more information!

The most optimized certified Solution

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  • Validated reference architectures

  • Certified components

  • Streamlined installation process

  • Reliable and production-ready

  • Scale out – One rack to many racks

  • Greenest Servers for the Cloud – Save hundreds of dollars per server

  • Lowest Cost - Best Performance / Watt / $ / ft2

  • Based on the OpenStack Newton release

  • Supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Pack 2

Enterprise support for OpenStack is provided by SUSE in partnership with Supermicro where customers gain access to a global pool of knowledge and expertise. The partnership offers:

  • Support - With more than 25 years of experience, SUSE and Supermicro will deliver the support you need

  • Consulting - SUSE experts and partners will help you implement your Enterprise Linux solution more quickly and efficiently

  • Training - Whether you prefer scheduled learning with a live experienced instructor who can answer your questions, or you need an eLearning solution so you can learn on the go, SUSE has a training option to fit your needs and your schedule.


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† Require SOW Onsite Survey; Onsite logistics; Racking & Cabling (with 3rd party switches); Racking & Cabling Engineering Drawing

***Please consult with Supermicro-OpenStack Solution Team for all SUSE OpenStack Cloud related solutions. Any parts purchased individually without full testing and certification may not be fit for SUSE OpenStack Cloud solutions. Please be advised to purchase the right services and warranty above for SUSE OpenStack Cloud related products to avoid the compatibility issues. Please also note not every service above is mandatory. Supermicro solution team is willing to help you build the right solutions anytime.

Combine your network with the best solution

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The Supermicro SUSE OpenStack Cloud solution supports various configurations beyond the tested and validated reference architecture. You can easily identify YES certified hardware as compatible with SUSE technologies and know both Supermicro and SUSE will work together to support you when deploying the solution in a SUSE environment.  


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Odoo CMS - a big picture

The optimal solution

Characteristic to the Supermicro brand, it offers a wide variety of solutions

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