Your dedicated Supermicro Partner

From Servers to Service 

Al our customers agree SUPERMICRO is a great brand that stands for quality reliability and a strong technical background.

Quality. Our SUPERMICRO customers who has ever started implementing the Supermicro servers stay SUPERMICRO customers. The reason for that is simple. Quality is excellent. And it has improved over the years. On the one hand all platforms are improving in speed and features and on the other hand the power supplies become more and more efficient. This combined bring our customers to stay loyal to the Supermicro brand. 

Reliability. In the same breath we can name Reliability as a strongpoint of the Supermicro brand.One of the first projects won in the United States was to supply motherboards for the ATM machines for a huge American bank. Those motherboards have never been replaced and are still running.

Strong technical background. Unlike any other brand, Supermicro has always focussed on server products. Hence the reason why Supermicro has the most extensive product portfolio in terms of servers. The entire portfolio can be found on

SuperSolutions wants to extend the strong brand of Supermicro with a personal touch. We will not expand our website with the complete product portfolio but show you the solutions that Supermicro can bring you. Just selling servers is not enough. We would like to reach out to you in terms of Service and Personality. In order to serve our customers better, we complete our portfolio with server racks, network cables, fibre cables, power supplies etc. Why would choose to work with us? Call us and find out.

Circular economy. Krypton has decided to participate in the circular economy for Supermicro products. They way we see, there are still too many unused/unsold Supermicro products that we would like to bring into the economy. For the current market is extensive enough to require the products. At the same time, there are many Supermicro servers that are written off as they have been replaced by newer generations, but at the same still useable for others.

If we think about the amount of servers being able to be re-used, we should all make an effort to look for opportunities to minimise our footprint. So slowly but surely you will be able to find refurbished Supermicro products in our shop.  If you are looking for or want to sell your old Supermicro stock, please contact us.